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Data Handling Security and Privacy

Explore Pleaz's Trust Center for data security and privacy measures, including GDPR compliance and data handling protocols. Stay active with desk...


Backed by science

Micro exercises at work have some surprising benefits for both the employee and the employer. Significant increases in employee engagement


How to prevent back pain at work?

Between 23 to 38 per cent of office workers have experienced lower back pain at work. This blog post describes what can be done to prevent it


How can mindfulness decrease stress?

Stress is often a misunderstood condition and harnessing it is a powerful tool. This article explores what tools you can use to control it


What is social wellbeing?

Discover the importance of social wellbeing in the workplace and how it contributes to overall health. Learn practical strategies to strengthen...

Ready to elevate your hybrid workforce?

Pleaz is the first B2B software that automatically facilitates social team activities. Meet the new Co-Pilot of hybrid teams!