See why Learningbank chose Pleaz as their wellbeing solution

The six reasons why Learningbank started using Pleaz on a daily basis

✅ Easy to fit into a busy day
✅ Promotes calmness at work
✅ Start meetings with a Pleazer
✅ A shared social event at work
✅ Inclusive - the entire team can join
✅ Gives people renewed energy

Get a taste of it in action in the video below:


How Learningbank uses Pleaz
Since Learningbank’s inception in 2015, its team has grown to more than 50 employees serving more than 200’000 users on their digital learning platform.
Learningbank has a very modern approach to work with an emphasis on soft skills such as continuous learning, flexible hours and the ability to work from home if that suits you.

Facing the same difficulties in hiring as all companies in the technology space Learningbank’s management team decided to build a corporate culture based on health, wellbeing and inclusiveness.

When Learningbank’s management decided to take their health and wellness initiatives to the next level they started looking for corporate wellbeing platforms. Pleaz was chosen for its ease of use, the inclusiveness of the exercises and the fact that a short healthy break lasting 2-5 minutes is easy to fit into a working day.

Pleaz is used in several ways by Learningbank staff. Full team Pleazers are done to build team spirit, meetings are started with mindfulness to ground the meeting participants and free up creativity. Employees do Pleazers on their own to take care of themselves.

We chose Pleaz because it is easy to build a routine. A Pleazer takes 2-5 mins. and leaves you feeling refreshed


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