Happy stomach

How does food affect our workday?

Did you know it is not only what you eat that affects how your stomach feels? And do you know why you feel sleepy after your lunch break at work?

The stomach is part of the digestive system, and when upset, it affects our overall well-being and performance at work.  

Proper nutrition is crucial for a healthy and balanced stomach, but other factors such as sleep, stress, and exercise also impact your whole digestive system.  

In this 30 min webinar, Pleaz’s nutrition and lifestyle expert Julius Fænøe will explain:

How an upset stomach affects your mental and physical well-being.
He will also share his best tips to achieve and maintain a healthy and happy tummy – and how you can avoid feeling sleepy after your lunch break with a short exercise.


⬇️ Watch the recording of the webinar below ⬇️

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