The Co-Pilot for Hybrid Workplaces

Fostering Community, Wellbeing & Engagement. Hybrid teams connect and bond through Pleazers - daily, social activities sesamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams

The Co-Pilot for Hybrid Workplaces to Foster Community Wellbeing Engagement

Hybrid team activities that connect employees through stretching, training, yoga and mindfulness done together. 


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All your hybrid team activities in one place 

All hands & team meetings 

Start your recurring meetings with a Pleazer in just one click.

Company wide activity clubs 

Set up any activity club with Pleaz such as 'Monday Mindfulness' or 'Tuesday Training' and add to calendar. 

Daily energy booster

All teams can set up recurring routines directly in any MS Teams chat.  

Activities from experts of the world

'Pleazers’ are short team activities led by world record holders, Olympic gold medalists, and other inspiring athletes and experts. Whether your team prefers training, stretching or meditating together, our world-class instructors have you covered with great content. 

functional exercises

Functional Exercises

team building activities


gamified challenges

Brain Breaks







Eskild Ebbesen

Olympic gold winner


Rikke Hørlykke

Olympic gold winner 


Henrik Duer

Training and weightloss expert 


Stig Severinsen

World leading breathing expert 


Pleaz keeps getting used

Pleaz is sticky and keeps getting used where most other team initiatives die out after 3 months. Everything we do at Pleaz, revolves around establishing routines that fit perfectly into the workday. We help global companies create vibrant workplace communities through social engagements for hybrid teams, fostering a sense of belonging.

Pleaz serves as the ideal Co-Pilot, automatically supporting long-lasting routines through MS Teams, having facilitated more than 300,000 activities globally... and counting!

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Microsoft Teams Partner

Integrated in all virtual meetings in MS Teams

Integrated in all chats between colleagues

Integrated on all employee front pages 

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Ready to engage your hybrid workforce?

Don't just take our word for it


Our most popular social wellbeing initiative globally 3 years in a row!

People are a critical to our business and culture, and Pleaz supports our wellbeing strategy with their great digital approach to a healthy work environment

Even after 12 months 80% of our employees still join Pleaz activities!

Global rollout case with Nestlé

Pleaz is the most popular initiative for wellbeing, community and engagement in Nestlé globally - learn how!

Scientifically addressing hybrid work challenges

Studies conducted on our users by the University of Copenhagen have confirmed the many benefits of doing Pleazers during a working day. Following recent research in the field, it proves how social activities can help modern workplaces solve the top four remote work challenges:


Stress & Burnout Prevention

17% lower stress & 13% reduced long-term sick-leave


Team Collaboration & Relations

18% stronger social relations


Employee Wellbeing & Productivity

2x likelyhood of enjoying their working day

Ready to engage your hybrid workforce?